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SIZZLE Las Vegas™ 

The Ultimate Las Vegas Variety Show… 


Fun, exciting, and sexy! SIZZLE Las Vegas™ is the show that is delivers the ultimate Las Vegas Experience! Talented and gorgeous cast, stunning costuming and amazingly choreographed numbers is just the beginning. Add in the dazzling display of the magic, the hilarious comedy and the sultry sounds of our incredibly talented rotating Special Guest Stars, and you have the exhilarating experience, of SIZZLE Las Vegas™!

Each number builds more excitement and anticipation as the cast performs our rendition of some of the most memorable numbers from both Vegas and Broadway. The laugh-out-loud hilariousness and I can’t believe that just happened magic, has audience participation that is just a blast to watch. From ultra modern and sexy to your favorite “back in the day memories”, this masterfully designed show is sure to please!

SIZZLE Las Vegas™ has all the right bells and whistles to appeal to all demographics. It is a high-end production that you would not normally see outside of Las Vegas!


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