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Rat Pack Tribute Show


Nick D’Egidio as Frank

Johnny Edwards as Dean

Alfredo MIller as Sammy

Better known as the Rat Pack! They ruled Las Vegas and Hollywood during the1950's and 60's.


Back in the day, people from around the world would converge on Las Vegas to see the Rat Pack. With their great music and good looks, it was the place to see and be seen.  Add in the funny banter and the great chemistry.. you had the ultimate in Las Vegas entertainment!  Only now can you truly see exactly what it was like to be part of the magic! Smooth, cool, funny with an unbelievably amazing sound, these guys are just great as one of the special guest acts in the SIZZLE Las Vegas Show!


This group has garnered worldwide recognition as hands-down the most amazing Rat Pack recreation show to date. From their energetic and hilarious banter, to their breath-taking, ovation inspiring vocals... take this moment and let us give you the event of your dreams!


The Rat Pack Tribute Show



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