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SIZZLE Las Vegas™ 

The Ultimate Las Vegas Variety Show… 

SIZZLE Las Vegas™ is the show that is delivers the ultimate Las Vegas Experience!

Each number builds more excitement and anticipation as the cast brings to life the wildly fun experiences you could only hope to have yourself when traveling to Sin City and the Entertainment Capitol of the World! There is a direct correlation to the fabulous properties seen only in Las Vegas and the performance numbers, that has never been seen or produced in a show before now. The time feels like the early to mid 1960’s, the music choices blend this place in time with more current music that delivers a powerful and exciting experience.

Talented and gorgeous cast, stunning costuming and amazingly choreographed numbers is just the beginning. Add in our beautiful host having a short but important dialog with our fun couple going to Vegas for their first time. This conversation sets the stage for what’s to come! She also lets the audience know, she will be there to help guide them along this exciting journey to the Las Vegas strip. Right from the start, on the flight out to Vegas, the crazy, fun mayhem begins. In the first major production number the cast is outfitted as authentic Pan-Am stewardess’s taking us back to a time when flying was glamorous and exciting. Trust me when I say, your going to wish all flights could be this way! But after all, it’s Vegas Baby! The numbers that follow showcase the exciting places and experiences only Las Vegas has to offer, if you’re adventurous type and know how to have good time that is! Seriously, this will be the best trip to Vegas you ever had!

SIZZLE Las Vegas™ has all the right bells and whistles to appeal to all demographics. It is a high-end production that you wouldn’t normally see outside of Las Vegas! So sit back, grab your favorite adult beverage and enjoy the ride of SIZZLE Las Vegas™ Baby!


Created By Las Vegas Show Producers!

Having produced a nightly show in Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capitol of the World, we know shows like this attract people and lots of them!


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