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SIZZLE Las Vegas™ is a fun, exciting and entertaining production! It’s electrifying and talented cast, stunning costuming and amazingly choreographed numbers will leave you teetering on the edge of your seat.


When touring the larger venues or for a resident show, the cast can incorporate our very large, over the top stage props in the performance.  These stage props are not something you normally see unless in a large showroom in a major entertainment destination, like Las Vegas!



To anyone looking for quality main showroom entertainment: As the VP of Sales and Marketing at Stockbridge/SBE Holdings, LLC d/b/a Sahara Hotel & Casino, I am pleased to recommend to you my business associates Jim and Ann Marie Hayek.

I worked closely with Jim and Ann Marie from beginning of the production to the end. They are professional, reliable and produce great results.


Bill Tremper VP of Sales and Marketing Stockbridge/SBE Holdings, LLC d/b/a Sahara Hotel & Casino

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